Travelex Virtual Card

Travelex Virtual Card
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Thanks to positive progress and updates in technologies, also entering humans to the electronic world; Today we are faced with so many different options in case of financial management and payment services. However in this regard, Travelex as one of the oldest services in this sphere, still is counted as one of the active and top online platforms for making international payments and finding the best currency rates. In this short article, we will write about this company and their special Cards that made life easier for their customers.

Travelex Money Card

As Travelex’s main goal is to help travelers to experience easier trips and more comfortable, this company decided to provide Travelex money cards with some special features. So shortly with platinum prepaid currency cards from Travelex, customers don’t need to carry so much cash when they travel abroad and also they will feel more safer and ease. The service allows users to fill up their cards with 10 different available currencies such as euros, US dollars, Turkish lira etc. Also customers can Lock on any exchange rate and use this card in any places that accept Mastercard. Travelex Card have specific features like 24/7 assistance in the whole world in case of any loss or damage to the card, no ATM charges for taking cash, having special discounts and bonuses and also it offers most safe services for their users. All mentioned services and features are important in the popularity of Travelex among people, however the ability to use this card in Virtual format, can be counted as the most effective feature of this service. 

Travelex Virtual Card 

One of the recent updates and improvements of Travelex service is about using the Money card in Virtual format. Shortly, customers can order their cards from the Travelex stores or Online Application and after that they will need to activate it by using the online platform of this service. After registration of the card, it allows users to use the Travelex app, fill up their card and check the balance of the card too. In this format it also should be noted that the card is not linked to the bank account and using it is totally in secure and contactless version. Surly there are so many other features that Travelex provides for customers, however the main point is that users can use all Travelex Money card services in the Virtual format with a total secure atmosphere too.


Definitely, among many different online services that are available and active today for customers, Travelex is counted as one of the most easy to use and secure services in the sphere of exchange rates and international payments. The features like providing the prepaid cards in physical and Virtual format, has also made this service popular than before in global finance. The competition in this sphere is huge but should be noted that Travelex for sure is one of the top services in this field.