Getting a Great Bundle Deal

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My husband and I usually take time one month out of the year to go over our budget and expenses. The reason we do this is to see if we are better off paying something off rather than doing payments, if the balance is low enough, and also to see if we are paying too much for something we can do without. When we looked at our cell phone bills and our cable bill, we knew that something had to be done. I decided to shop ATT bundles to see if there was a way to combine the two and get a lower price overall.

We had even realized that we were paying as much as we were because the payments come out automatically, and the registry is taken care of also with our finance program. That is why we need to do this at least once a year, otherwise we could really be taken advantage of. I knew that AT&T is the one company that has been moving mountains to keep their customers happy, and I could see why once I started looking at their offers. It really did not take us long at all to know that we wanted to do this.

I contacted them, and they scheduled the installation of our Directv pretty quickly. By the end of the week, we were taking advantage of our new programming, which ends up being a lot more than what we were getting before. We also love the DVR system, that we can record from one room and watch it in another, which is another feature that we were not getting with our cable company. The best part though is the money we are saving, and having the payment just taken out once for everything. We love the idea of simple, and that is what this is.